Josiah Dixon

Student LIFE Pastor

Life Story

I was blessed to grow up in a Christian home near Atlanta in Clayton County Georgia. At the ripe age of five years old I gave my life to Jesus. As a five-year-old, I didn’t know much, but I knew Jesus loved me and that I wanted a relationship with him. Around the same time, I started falling in love with Jesus, is about the same time I started playing organized sports through the local recreational leagues. Those humble beginnings brought me all the way to the collegiate stage, where I played two sports at Shorter University, where I received the call to ministry.

During my sophomore year, I received the call to ministry in my dorm room as I was reading my bible and having conversations with Jesus. Not long after that, I began my internship at LIFE Church and began working with students on Wednesday nights. Soon after I began working with students, I knew that getting the chance to work with students alongside team members who truly Love God and Love Others was something that I wanted to be more involved in. My passion for student ministry began to grow very quickly. However, I knew that playing two sports at the college level would prevent me from being as involved as I wanted to be. So, I hung up my cleats and began a new chapter of doing ministry at LIFE Church.

On the campus of Shorter University, I met the love of my life, Diana. In the Summer of 2019, we started to get to know each other by serving on the Shorter Orientation Staff together. I’m so incredibly thankful that just two Summers later, in July of 2021, we’d be standing in front of each other saying our “I do’s”.

The thing that drives me in life would have to be the desire to share the love that I have found in Jesus with others. When I think about all of the spiritual battles that teenagers face, it truly moves me to fight for them. My goal in life is to stand firm beside Students and to help them stand firm in the truth of God’s word and the Power of His presence.

My dream for StudentLIFE is to schools filled with teenagers who are washed in the blood living their lives in the victory of the resurrection of Jesus! When I close my eyes, I see them fighting for one another through prayer, worshiping God together, being transformed through God’s word, and bringing the power of God into this community. I see students, along with their families, being moved and empowered by the awesome work of Jesus.  
My dream for LIFE Church is that we would be a family of men and women who know and worship the triune God rightly, that in view of His majesty we would walk in compassion, mercy and grace and that both our minds and our hearts would be full of and shaped by Him.